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As individuals and as a company, we are conscious the climate change and its socio-economic consequences is probably one of the biggest challenges our society is currently facing. All our business operations will thus have sustainability as priority and our ambition is become carbon neutral and to help our clients and partners achieve this where possible.

For us it starts with proposing at a packaging level, materials that are either biodegradable, recycled, can be recycled, made from renewable energy or that at least can be offset.

Here are our 5 pillars of sustainability

  • Carbon Neutral – As a company and thus to set example for others to follow by being net zero operation.
  • Choice of Materials – Proposing FSC approved suppliers and biodegradable
  • Reduce Waste – We are working on the possibly to provide clients that have unused goods that they no longer require, or equipment linked to the spirits packaging to be able to trade them
  • Reduce Transport – On the one side making sure our closest factory can serve you but also providing a calculator that will integrate CO2-Neutrality in your orders
  • Net Zero Carbon - offset the incompressible CO2
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