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Synthetic Shanks
There are pros and cons for using synthetic shanks. These are primarily used for clear spirits (Gin, Vodka..) With natural cork 0 risk of cork taint cannot be achieved. We can thus provide synthetic shanks that can be zero-carbon- footprint. “ECO uses a bio-based technology, which features renewable polymers derived from sugar cane. The extraction process for this plastic/polyethylene natural material has a very low impact on the environment and its CO2 emissions are reduced greatly in comparison to the traditional extraction process from plastics derived from fossil fuels. ECO synthetic shanks available either one piece or co-injected. Co-injection is a term that identifies the direct injection of the leg onto the top, without the need for other adhesives. This allows for the design of a compact and solid closure that is also environment-friendly and with zero-impact on the entire ecosystem”