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Depending on your needs we can provide you with off the shelf standard varnishes (Natural, Dark Brown, Black etc) in some cases we have stock or match a colour you want to achieve (Red, Blue, Silver, Gold, Copper...) and even add a shiny lacquer effect. Keep in mind MOQ of 10K for bespoke colours. Wood absorbs colour thus sampling can be requested in order to have a perfect fit. Lead time +/- 10 weeks

Size & Shape

Each bottle can have a unique wood head size. There are standard sizes 34x12 or 29x12 for which we might have stock, but you are free to choose the size or shape you want to achieve. If needed there would be a small tooling charge +/-400 EUR


This is also referred to as Pad printing or tampo printing, it’s an indirect offset (gravure) printing process where logo is stamped onto the head. You can pretty much print very small details. This requires a small tooling cost of +/-200 EUR

Deboss / Emboss

Both options are possible, but we mainly use deboss for wood. This is sinking your logo into the wood and thus limited to some extend onto the level of detail. This requires a printing plate +/-400 EUR

Laser engraving

Logo is digitally added and burnt into the wood. You can go into fine details but the more complex the logo the slower the speed of engraving. This can be done on the top and side. There is no tooling cost, but we need to see logo.


We can provide you with metal coin or sticker to to be placed onto the head or embedded onto the head so as to make your stopper more unique

Side Groves

This is an option that is available where on the side of the head groves are created so as to allow a better grasp of the head when pulling it out from the bottle. It

Side Branding

This allows you to maximise the visual aspect of the bottle so as to stand out when bottles are in a bar side by side.


We can insert a metal ring into the wood head which adds complexity as this needs to glue elements together and if in contact with the bottle special materials are needed.