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Meet our team

Partner, Sales Manager

Chris Lancksweert

Passionate about the spirit business and the creative mind behind Bostocap, offering a good service to people that trust us is my main concern. A nice tennis or golf party and some cold beers with friends is probably the best way to end a good business day.


Jean-Baptiste Ortmans

Next to managing the day to day life of Bostocap, chatting in a nice place with a good glass is probably one of my passions. Travelling the world, however, takes it over.

Sales assistant

Hendrick Nana

One hand I extend into myself, the other toward others. If I'm not at my desk making deals then you'll probably catch me making memories with friends.


Julie Van Heyghen

Making things look good makes me happy. Passionate about opening my eyes to the world around me, discovering new countries, cities and cultures is my biggest joy.

Samples responsable

Nicolas Soutullo

The youngest on the team and very proud of my Spanish roots I keep the energy level high in all circumstances.


Nadja Jouan

As my dog loves playing with the corks that I give him while drinking a good bottle with my husband, I thought it would be more convenient to work directly with those who sell that stuff.