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These are also referred to as sleeves, heat shrinks. Tamper evident caps. These can be made of different materials (PVC/PET/PLA) and are easy to apply by hand using a heat gun or automatically using a dispenser with a heat tunnel. These capsules are often the last detail of the bottle packaging but its key to include early in your decision making as there are several options to consider so as to facilitate its application, integrate label and maximise visibility by branding them.

Material Type

Commonly its PVC based but in recent years there has been a push for PET which has a less crystalline but has some recyclability elements. We have now launched a plant base material which is bio sourced and thus a step in the right direction ecologically. If you put a transparent version of these 3 capsules you will not easily see the difference.

Open or closed

If you have invested into a high-end stopper and you only want to seal the bottle you will probably go for a transparent capsule to show the work you have done. The way it’s applied (manual or automatically) at the bottling will determine if you can have an open or closed capsule. We have a preference for open or pre-form as this allows to easily open the shrink

Side Branding

We can print ant colour on the capsule (matt or glossy finish). We have standard colours and MOQ of 50K for personalised. On the capsule you can print either in hot foil or choose for rotogravure. Digital printing is also available. See some amazing example

Top Disk Branding

You can choose several combinations. Either you go for a transparent capsule or transparent with top disk. This is easy to do and personalises the capsule.

Opening Vertical vs horizontal

You can choose to either open vertically and thus remove completely the capsule or horizontally and thus leave the bottom part of the capsule with its brand

Bespoke sizes & colours

We can match just about any size and if needed make a mould to adapt to your shape

Automatic Application

When producing the capsules, it’s important to understand how you will be bottling them. We are able to adapt to your needs but also to the machines you have in place to bottle so as to make easiest and most efficient bottling.