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Gift box

Give your clients a unique experience when receiving a unique bottle with a unique packaging. We work with several factories with long term established relation to match you every needs. Weather it’s standard folded box that can be assembled with a cartoon insert, to a bespoke size/ anti-scratch quadri colour cartoon box with hotfoil print, with magnets and a super-premium foam insert. Do you want to send your bottling via the post? Check out our e-commerce packaging. Don’t hesitate to challenge us for your needs.

Bottle Paint

We can propose advanced decorating and painting technologies for glass Bottles. This can be painted, laser print, relief or hot foiling. This allows for decoration of the entire bottle and thus not only limited to the label. Moreover it facilitates bottling


Customizable bottle labels in different sizes, materials or shapes. This includes several ecological. Don’t hesitate to contact us

Sparkling Wine Cork

Given our direct link to the cork industry we can provide you with all types of cork for wine, sparkling of champagne cork. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


We have partnered with a producer of tape that provides ecological options including paper tape and water-based glue mechanism. Don’t hesitate to contact us


If you want to give your bar tenders a unique look you make custom leather aprons designed for comfort and durability, branded with your logo. Cost 150 EUR a piece and produced in Belgium


Due the extensive work we do in providing stoppers and capsules that are extensively tested so as to perfectly work during on the bottling lines we thus work in close relation with equipment suppliers of : heat gun, heat tunnel, bespoke heat shrink automatic capsule dispenser and applicator, manual tin applicator. We often hear about equipment that is no longer being used and that could be of service for the launch of a distillery. Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help