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For plastic heads the standard colours is Black, Silver etc but we can of course personalise colours to match a specific request.

Size & Shape

There are standard sizes for which we have injection moulds. We do bespoke development but due to the cavities MOQ are much more important than for Wood.


This is also referred to as Pad printing or tampo printing, it’s an indirect offset (gravure) printing process where logo is stamped onto the head. You can pretty much print very small details. This requires a small tooling cost of +/-200 EUR


Both options are possible, but we mainly use embossed for plastic heads (high relief). Tooling cost required depending on volume/molds.

Weight of plastic

There are multiple plastic materials to consider (Bakelite) but also weight. When you look at the stopper upside down you can see if the plastic head is full or empty (see photo). This has impact on weight. One of the advantages is the lower lead times


With synthetic shanks you can have co-injected option instead of glued. This means that the different polymers are injected into the same mold.

High density

These are materials that can be used to lower the tooling cost but to give a premium feel to your stopper