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Materials: Plant Base Thermo Shrinkable Seals
In packaging there is a clear drive in removing the use of single use plastic. The challenge is to provide a seal that shows tamper evidence that is bio sourced and that can be recycled or ideally home compostable. We propose three distinct materials for thermo shrinkable seals: PVC, PET and PLA. All have their advantages and disadvantages at each stage of production, from sourcing, to application to be able to separate from each other and thus to be recycled. We have so far successfully started working with PLA (polylactic acid extrusion). This plastic is still in its infancy when compared to other plastics, PLA is a plastic substitute that's made from fermented plant starch (corn/sugar cane) and thus bio sourced from a renewable source. It has the same properties as PVC/PET, it even requires less heat to shrink. Where we see resistance is when recycled, one it needs to be separated from other plastics so as to be industrially compostable (EN 13432) (see label). Our understanding is that its technically possible but not yet wide spread.